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How the technology works

Flight Disruption

Powered by Bakuun technology, this suite of products improve and smartly manage airline operations for airlines as well as hotels, travel agencies and aiport merchants while cutting costs during flight disruption.
This web-based platform combines hotel availability and transfers while processing up to 100 bookings in less than two minutes.


Provide airport transfers and hotel room with dynamics hourly rates based on passenger's length of stay until the next flight.

Issue digital refreshment vouchers which are delivered instantly in the passengers' mobile devices.


Handle reservations during a flight disruption by receiving up to 100 bookings in a single transaction.

A matching platform which connect accommodations and airlines to increase partnership and revenue.

Airport Merchants

A matching platform which connect accommodations and airlines to increase partnership and revenue.

QR code vouchers collection and payments reconciliation through a payment management system.

Ground Handling

Bakuun enables ground handling agencies and hotels to work together in the event of flight disruption

Our tech facilitate the uploading and distribution of hotel rates to Bakuun’s airlines partner


Increase the website conversion by offering your customers more products such as Room by Hours, Meeting Rooms.

Adaptable to every website. Set-up can be done in 5 minutes with no programming skills needed.

Affiliate Partners

We offers the highest commission in the market for the bookings made on room by hours, meeting rooms.

Easy and fully-customizable tools suited to any website. No programming skills required for set-up.

B2B Distribution

Enlarging distribution for the accommodations by offering different inventories to travel professional and airlines.
Thanks to our technology we are able to provide dynamic rates for meeting rooms and rooms by hours to our business partners.

Direct Booking

Collect direct bookings from hotel/accommodation website while offering a customized experience to your customer during the booking process.
Our tech will boosts direct sales by offering more types of reservations such as day use offices and room by hours.

Booking Engine

A powerful booking engine that supports different types of reservations and increases direct bookings conversion.

Four different subscription models where the starter plan is free of charge.

Engine Chains

Enables a group of accommodations to create a complete search engine for Rooms, Dayuse Rooms, Meeting Rooms

Improve the user experience by showing all your accommodations in a single page.

Room Night

Discover and book the best deals for hotel rooms and accommodations, most rooms in our listing has a free cancelation option.

Improve the user experience by showing all your accommodations in a single page.

Room by Hours

Experience the convenience of staying in hotel rooms anytime while paying only for your hours of stay.

Stay for a short respite in-between meetings and even work in the room for a few hours.

Meeting Rooms

Offering the flexibility to book meeting rooms anytime with your preferred number of hours.

Pay the right with dynamic cost based on meeting length and number of attendees.

Stay and Activities

Save time and enjoy instant confirmation with this one-stop shop holiday planner for hotel stay and activities.

Maximize your hotel stay by booking attractions and must-do leisure activities.

B2C Distribution

Introducing our new B2C brands to provide consumers varied selections and flexible alternatives when booking rooms, dayuse rooms, meeting rooms, and leisure activities.

With a specific market focus and USPs, we provide our accommodation partners new and powerful sales channels.

Boost Metasearch

An innovative business model that revolutionizes the online travel market and allows the accommodations to increase online revenue up to 20%.
No commission or fee and easy access to any metasearch without any technology needs.


Connect any type of accommodation with metasearch but without any fees, 0% commission for all generated bookings.

Accommodation can create campaigns and set up daily budgets as well as bid types.

Metasearch Providers

Allow metasearch providers to increase customer segments driving revenue through the technology that we provide.

Dealing only with one provider enables reduce the risk in credit collection.

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