A convenient way to collect airline meal vouchers

Bakuun manages and simplifies the handling of meal vouchers between airport merchants and airlines in the event of a flight disruption.
Our technology enables the airlines to distribute digital vouchers with a QR code directly sent to the passengers’ mobile devices which can be redeemed from the airport merchants.

Why Use Bakuun Airline Solution

Why list your

Operational Efficiencye

Automated workflow helps to save costs in administration fees and reduce errors.

Payment Management

Simplified billing and reconciled accounting reduce time to get payments.

Easy Redemption

The QR codes indicated on the digital vouchers can be spent across qualified shops.

Increase Network

Connect with airline stakeholders allowing commercial benefits and increased sales.

Passenger Satisfaction

Clear information is given about qualified shops reducing queues and waiting times.

Always On

Always ready to help you 24/7 while using any of Bakuun products.

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How does it works?

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Scan QR Code

Qualified shops scan the QR code from the passengers’ digital vouchers to redeem compensation.