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Can I make reservations by phone ?
Yes, by contacting our Customer Service at our international phone number that you can find on Customer Support page.
I made a reservation but I didn't receive the confirmation email, what can I do?

Check if the mail didn't end in SPAM folder. If you still didn't receive it, we remind you that you always have your re...Read More

How can I find a hotel?

You can find a hotel by setting your staying data and nights that you want to book, you can refine your search on the base of d...Read More

Is the reservation confirmation immediate?

Yes, our confirmation code comes immediately, but it may have situations which even if the reservation is confirmed, the hotel ...Read More

Where can I visualize my reservations history?

The reservations history is visualized inside Manage Booking where you can make login with your Booking id and Access code that...Read More

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Local charges apply to in-country telephone numbers. Extra charge may apply to international numbers.
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